Ross Island, Port Blair

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Just around 2 kilometers east of Port Blair is probably the most spectacular group of ruins one has ever come across. Ross Island has been a tourist favorite for years for being home to ruins from different Eras. Right from the occupation by the British to the Indian Freedom Struggle Ross Island features historical buildings for every appetite.

Ross Island is accessible via boat services that ply between Port Blair and Phoenix Jetty on Ross Island. The island is wholly controlled by the Indian Navy, and all tourists are required to sign in and out.

What makes Ross Island the center of attention for historians is that fact that the British Colonial government decided, in 1857, following the first Indian revolt for independence, to setup a hardcopy punishment administration facility to deal with high profile Indian Freedom Fighters. This carried on for close to 80 years! Back then, the island had a hospital, bakery, a market place, tennis courts, living quarters and every other amenity one could think of.

All of these today lie in ruins since the island was momentarily at war when the Japanese invaded during World War 2. Ross Island adjoins a twin island called Smith Island also worth visiting!


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