Jolly Buoy, Port Blair

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Jolly Buoy is an island proximate to Port Blair and as most tourists put it, is nothing short of heaven on earth. Part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, also known as the Wandoor Marine National Park, this place offers superior tourist value and offers tourists a chance to get up close and personal with the coral reef, pristine white and emerald beaches, even a dolphin or two if you get lucky.

The Marine National Park initiative was set into motion by the forest department to preserve the indigenous natural life of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The Marine Park encompasses 150 islands and an area of approximately 280 square kilometres, Jolly Buoy being one of the best rated.

Getting to Jolly Buoy is an experience in itself. One has to get a clearance from the forest department followed by tickets on a ferry. The clearance and the tickets cost Rs 50 and Rs 550 respectively which is well worth the money. The ferry ride begins at Port Blair wherein tourists are taken through breathtakingly beautiful islands and waters, while the guides explain the various sights, sounds and marine life. Just short of the Jolly Buoy Island which doesn’t have a jetty, tourists are transferred into smaller boats with glass bottoms to view the coral reef as they approach the island.

The Jolly Buoy island is heavily regulated. One cannot carry their own food and water and have to buy the same issued by the Indian government at Port Blair. One truly understands the motive when you reach Jolly Buoy, the pristine beaches, clean shacks and pure unadulterated environment is close to impossible to find. An afternoon on the beach at Jolly Buoy, with the sun and the sand is a perfect way to spend one of your honeymoon afternoons.

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