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Shenbaga Vilaasam,Pollachi


It is not always that you come across a place to stay that gives you mental relaxation and a great location along with the privilege of good food. Shenbaga Vilaasam is one such property that takes care of all your needs if you're looking for the perfect place to live in the city of Pollachi, Shenbaga Vilaasam is an ideal choice.

A visit to Shenbaga Vilaasam takes you to a world class charm amidst rustic and scenic views of nature. The guest house is situated among farmlands and splendid views, paving way to the right ambience a guest look for during a trip away from the city. This guest house was a royal mansion that was built for the Zamindarini of Samathur village of Pollachi. The rich tradition and culture of the land is evident in every single minute detail you notice in the guests house.  


There is no doubt that the facilities offered by the resort will fall short of your expectations. Royal comforts and hospitality are why you should be heading to Shenbaga Vilaasam. The rich culture and tradition is sound in the architecture of the rooms here. The rooms are richly furnished and throws a royal hue to the whole ambience.

Nestled among hills and streams, the birds wake you up in the morning and the gurgling streams sing a lullaby to put you to sleep as you relax in your room that is designed only to please you, only to comfort you.