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Rabdentse Residency,Pelling

Rabdentse Residency Palden Eaststate Pelling – 737103 Sikkim, India , Pelling

Rabdenste Residency is an old-styled structure standing tall in the midst of enigmatic cloud-engulfed mountains and valleys. The hotel promises an overwhelming experience, and it comes true by every word when the fog devours everything in sight and gives you the feeling of being in another world altogether. Elegant and exquisite, Rabdentse Residency is a complete treat in the mountains.



This multi-cuisine restaurant offers some delicious Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. It also serves some of the finest alcohols from around the world.

Chung Parlour

The ethnic Chung Parlour decorated in traditional Sikkimese art serves up some authentic local dishes of Sikkim for enthusiastic guests to try out.

Garden Cofee Bar

One can sip on a hot cup of coffee outdoors while enjoying the cold mountain breeze and enjoying the fantastic views.

  • Restaurant