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Nashik Weather

Nashik experiences a tropical climate. The region of Nashik undergoes an extreme kind of weather � the summers are very hot and winters are very cold.


The months from March to May mark the summer season during which the temperature soars to a scorching 42℃. Tourists are generally asked to avoid visiting Nashik during this time of the year, as the climate can get unbearable. The months of April and May are especially hot.


The Monsoon season in Nashik lasts from June to September. This season is characterized by light showers and medium rainfall, which comes as a much needed respite from the heat. This period poses as a good time to visit the place.


Winter stretches from the months of December to February, a period during which the climate is at its optimum best. The weather is cool, with the temperature hovering from a maximum 32℃ to a minimum 8℃. It is the most ideal time of the year to explore the city of Nashik, particularly between October and March.