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  • 01Sitabuldi Fort

    Sitabuldi Fort

    The Sitabuldi Fort is an important monument in the city of Nagpur. It serves as a historic landmark for Indian history. The fort is placed between the Twin Mountains. A British Officer is said to have built this fort in 1857, sometime around the Sepoy Mutiny. The Fort is a memorabilia for all the brave soldiers who lost their lives during the war.

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  • 02Ambarazi Lake

    Ambarazi Lake

    Ambazari Lake is a prime tourist attraction in Nagpur. Sprawled on an area of around 15 sq km, the lake serves as a scenic holidaying spot.

    It is bordered by a beautiful garden with a musical fountain right in the centre. A hotspot for all children gaming activities, it is a delightful place for little kids. There’s a mini train, boating facilities and many swings and rides.

    The garden also has walking tracks for people to take their morning walks beside the pretty scenery that the quiet, clear lake offers.

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  • 03Deeksha Bhoomi

    Deeksha Bhoomi is a holy place for the Buddhists based in Nagpur, that attracts thousands and thousands of devotees and tourists every year. It is home to one of the Buddhist Stupas, which is about 120 ft long. This place is memorable for the conversion of several hundreds of Dalit people to Buddhism, following Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

    In their memory, the day is celebrated as Ashok Vijaya Dashmi. This pilgrim centre can house more than 5000 people. This majestic monument is deeply etched in Indian history and is a symbol of national integration.

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  • 04The Dragon Palace Temple

    The Dragon Palace Temple

    The Dragon Palace Temple is a huge, iconic temple situated in Nagpur. Stretched on an area of about 10 acres, this place of worship is situated in the satellite town of Nagpur – Kamptee. It is home to a peaceful Buddhist praying centre.

    There is a huge idol of Lord Buddha on the first floor of the hall. The temple is also known as The Lotus Temple and is situated in the middle of a beautiful green lawn. Owing to its scintillating architecture, the temple boasts of an International Award for Best Concrete Structure.

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  • 05Markanda


    Markanda is named after a popular sage, Markandeya. It is a bunch of 24 temples, the construction of which vaguely resembles the Khajuraho temples. A small town on the bank of the river Vainganga, it is based in the region of Nagpur. This religious site is famous for its Shiva Linga. This town is a must visit with the variety of attractions, cuisines and museums it has to offer to any tourist.

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  • 06Ramtek


    The Fort of Ramtek is renowned for the mythological story associated with it. Legend has it that Lord Ram rested at this place, along with his wife Sita and his brother, Laxman. This temple, which is more than six centuries old, is also the very place where the great Kalidas wrote the epic – Meghadoot.

    Ramtek is around 50 km away from Nagpur. This heavenly spot is a much needed get away from the maddening crowd in the city.

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  • 07Nawegaon Bandh

    Nawegaon Bandh

    Nawegaon Bandh is a most sought after forest in the Vidharba region in Nagpur. Kolu Patel Kohli is believed to have been the source behind the establishment of the Dam here. More than 300 years old, this Bandh houses a sanctuary that goes by the name of Dr. Salim Bird Sanctuary.

    Tourists here can see different wild animals like the sloth bear and the chital. The resort in the vicinity facilitates varied adventure activities and a children’s garden to accommodate people of all ages.

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  • 08Telankadi Lake

    Telankadi Lake

    The Telankadi Lake is an attractive place situated just outside Nagpur, fit for a quiet evening with your family. Vacationers will be in for a treat, what with the soft sand to tread on by the banks of the river, the aquarium nearby and green parks for kids.

    It is an ideal place to relax. In the vicinity, one can find the renowned temple of Hanuman. Legend has it that this temple has supernatural powers to grant a devotee’s true, earnest wish.

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  • 09Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir

    Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir

    Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir was built in 1923. It is made of sandstone and marble. It is situated on the Central Avenue Road in Nagpur. The pristine temple is dedicated to the main deities of Ramayana and hence is a well worshipped place by the locals.

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