Muthathi – Along The Kaveri's Banks

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Muthathi is a village in the Mandya district of Karnataka, a 90-minute drive away from Bangalore. Legend associates this place with the Indian epic - the Ramayana. There is a famous Hanuman temple here that's called the Hanumantharaya temple.

Muthathi is a lovely little village, with the river Kaveri running through the rocky terrain. Surrounded by hills and dense forest, this place is a nature lover's dream come true.

The Options Galore

You can take up coracle rides in this place, as these are very popular over the river Kaveri. Muthathi lies near the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary and the jungles here, nestled amidst mountains and valleys and streams, are home to a huge variety of wildlife, including Sambhar, Chital, bison, giant squirrels, tigers, leopards, bears and wild dogs, which are just a few of the inhabitants of these forests.

Tourist Places In And Around Muthathi

Muthathi is situated near Bheemeshwari, and has a lot of scenic trekking trails. In fact, it is fast becoming a favoured trekking destination. You'll need the permission of the Forest Department to follow these trekking trails through the jungles. The Soligere hill, near Muthathi, rises to 1125 meters above sea level, offers a magnificent view of the surrounding regions.

There are also trekking trails that take you through the sanctuary to places like Bheemeshwari and Sangama. Muthathi is a scenic village and it is fast becoming a favourite picnic spot for people from Bangalore, with its lovely scenery and its amazing river and trekking activities.

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