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The Regent Palms Hotel,Mandi

The Regent Palms Hotel Near Kargil Park Seri Bazar Mandi, H.P - 175001   , Mandi

Centrally located in the town of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, the Regent Palms Hotel is an exceptional facility which mingles comfort and class to help make a great staying experience.

The level of comfort provided at this hotel is unmatched, along with the facilities and the services they offer.

Showcasing the friendly local hospitality of Himachal Pradesh, Regent Palms has staff who are helpful and ready to serve the guests at all times. The ambience of the hotel echos warmth and elegance.


Apart from comfortable accommodation Regent Palms also has bar and restaurant facilities.

The Saffron Restaurant

This is an in-house restaurant that serves the guests with quality food which is tasty and hygienic. The professional chefs here are from popular places like Punjabi Grill, Punjabi by Nature, Moti Mahal etc and they serve Indian, Chinese and Continental Cuisines.

The May Fair Bar

This is an in-house bar which serves signature drinks and cocktails. It will be the perfect place to unwind and relax during the vacation.  

  • Wifi
  • Restaurant