Sankar Gompa, Ladakh

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Sankar Gompa, also known as the Sankar Monastery, is situated at a distance of 3 km from Leh which can be easily covered by walking. A figure of the Avalokiteshvara, a 'Bodhisattva’ or enlightenment-being who embodies the compassion of all the Buddhas is placed in the Gompa. The idol has eleven heads, one thousand hands and eyes on the palm of each hand. Designed in a traditional architectural style, the paintings of the ‘Guardians of the Four Directions’ are placed at the entrance.

Visiting hours of the Monastery are limited to early mornings and evenings as it is managed just by 20 monks who reside there. Du-khang, also known as the assembly hall in the monastery, can be reached through a staircase which leads to double doors opening directly to it.

The walls and the doors of the place are opulently painted with mandals, rules for the monks and a Tibetan calendar. According to records, the Monastery was previously the residence of the Abbot of Spituk, whose rooms along with the guest rooms and library located upstairs, can also be seen.

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