Maheshwar Temple, Kinnaur

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Maheshwar Temple is a popular religious centre situated in Sungra of the Kinnaur District. The temple is famous for its marvellous wood panels on either side. The courtyard of the temple and other panels is admirably carved and portray the artistic excellence of people of the bygone era. The profoundly cut images of different Hindu deities are a delight for individuals interested in archaeology. The eastern wall of the temple displays different avatars of Hindu Lord Vishnu and Hindu zodiac signs. The friezes on the lower end of the roof also look mesmerising. There is also an ancient eighth century stone shrine located in proximity to the doorway of the temple.According to folklore, Lord Sungra Maheshwar was once attacked by Bhima, a mythological character from the Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Legend has it that Bhima threw a huge boulder at the temple from the top of a mountain situated across the river Satluj. Lord Maheshwar then threw the boulder to another side, which now rests on the road situated in proximity to the temple.

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