Chandika Temple, Kinnaur

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Chandika Temple is a popular religious centre located in the village of Kothi in Kinnaur. Also known as Shuwang Chandika, the Goddess is considered as very powerful and the local people have immense faith in Her. The idol of the Goddess is made up of gold and is seated in an ark. During the time of worship, the idol is danced up and down by four people.According to a legend, Chandika is one of the 18 children of the demon ‘devta’ or king; Banaasur. He presided over Kinnaur and his eldest daughter Chandika presided over Sairag, popularly known as the heart of Kinnaur. The legend also says that Chandika, with the help of her brother Chagaon Maheshwar, fought with a demon in order to maintain her hold over the area.

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