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Kanchenjunga Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Kanchenjunga

  • 01Kanchenjunga National Park

    Kanchenjunga National Park

    The Kanchenjunga National Park was established in the year 1977. It is the largest national park in Sikkim and is spread along an area of 850 sq km in the North district of Sikkim. It is bordered by the Tent Peak in the north, the ridge of the Mount Lamo Angden in the east, Mount Narsing and Mount Pandim in the south and the Kanchenjunga mountain in the west.

    Since the park is ecologically untouched, it is safe for animals. The species of animals found here include the snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, red panda and the barking deer. As some of the areas in the park are yet to be explored by man, there are chances that new species might be discovered among the habitats of the park.

    The plant life in the park includes oaks, fir, birch, maple and willow. It also has alpine grasses and shrubs at areas with higher altitude along with herbs and other medicinal plants. The park is also known for the species of birds seen there that include the blood pheasant, satye tragopan, osprey, Himalayan griffon, lammergeier and the tragopan pheasant.

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  • 02Kanchenjunga Falls

    Kanchenjunga Falls

    Its takes about an hour and a half's drive from Pelling to reach the twin waterfalls of Kanchenjunga. It's indeed a lovely sight to watch the wild streams of water flowing down the huge granite rocks. The tourists, on their way to Yuksom, stop by to marvel at the beauty of this sight.

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  • 03Mount Siniolchu

    Mount Siniolchu

    Mount Siniolchu is one of the tallest mountains of Sikkim which stands tall at a height of about 6888 m. The mountain is located near the Green Lake Area which is close to Mount Kanchenjunga, the highest peak of Sikkim and the third highest peak in the world.

    The beauty of the snow-capped Siniolchu has attracted a lot of tourists to this spot. It has also been a favourite of authors too. The famous mountaineer and author Douglas Freshfield, in one of his works, has described Mount Siniolchu as “the most superb triumph of mountain architecture and the most beautiful snow mountain in the world”.

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  • 04Mount Pandim

    Mount Pandim

    Mount Pandim is one of the tall peaks of Sikkim. It is about 22010 ft high and is located amidst snow-capped mountains. One can get an amazing view of the mountain from the Dzongri Top which is close to the hill range.

    Expeditions are held here during the months of April and May and in September. Those who wish to join the expedition team would have to apply from IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation) at Delhi.

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  • 05Mount Pauhunri

    Mount Pauhunri

    The high mountain of Pauhunri is located at the border of Sikkim and Tibet in the eastern Himalayas. The peak is at a distance of about 75 km away from Kanchenjunga at an altitude of 7128 m above sea level.

    There is something interesting about this mountain. It was first climbed by a Scottish mountaineer Alexander Mitchell Kellas along with two people from the Sherpa community in the year 1911. It was revealed after 80 years that the climb made was in fact the highest climbed summit on Earth from 1911 to 1930.

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