Bonal Lake, Kalburgi

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Bonal Lake is the second largest bird sanctuary after Ranganatittu in Mysore. Bonal lake is located in Gulbarga and is 10km away from Shorapur. It attracts a lot of tourists. There are facilities of camping and jungle trails for travellers to enjoy the place around much better and this is an initiative by the government. This place attracts a lot of flamingos, egrets, aquatic fowls, white ibis, black ibis brahminy duck, white-necked storks and many more. The sanctuary is built on a water conservation tank by a ruler of Shorapur called Pam Naik in the 17th century. This is one of the largest tank built in the drought prone region and the same is mentioned in the autobiography of the British administrator of Shorapur, Meadows Taylor's, “The Story of My Life”. 

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