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Tea Estates, Kailashahar

There are more than 16 tea estates in Kailashahar and its adjoining areas. A visit to these lush green plantations is anyone’s delight. The tea estates are not only known for their enchanting beauty but also for the superb quality of tea leaves.

Some of the tea estates in the area are very old, dating back to the early 20th century and were established as early as 1916. The essence of the place is that tea is grown, even today, following the traditional methods. Tea produced from the tea plantations around Kailashahar have great blending qualities and are believed to be good for health too. The tea estates are also known to produce organic tea.

A visit to the tea estates does not take an entire day and tourists can easily plan their itinerary in such a manner that they visit all the tourist attractions in Kailashahar in one day.

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