Choudoo Devotar Mandir, Kailashahar

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The Choudoo Devotar Mandir or the 14 Deities Temple at Rangauti is located 14 kilometres from the capital of Tripura, Agartala. It lies in Kailashahar at Rangauti. The Choudoo Devotar Mandir is one of the most revered temples in Tripura and is dedicated to 14 Gods and Goddess.

It is believed that Maharaja Manikya had a dream that an idol of Tripura Sundari should be installed and moved from the place he found it. Accordingly the Maharaja built the Choudoo Devotar Mandir at Rangauti. The temple is dedicated to the ‘mother of the people of Tripura’ called Tripuri or Ama. The temple looks like a tortoise-shaped small convex hill while the idol belongs to the 10th or 12th Century AD.

The Kharchi Puja celebrated in the month of July is the most important festival in the Choudoo Devotar Mandir. Scores of devotees throng the temple doors during the Kharchi Festival.

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