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Jubbal is a tourist hotspot located on the banks of the River Pabbar, at an elevation of 1901 m above sea level. Spread over an area of 288 sq. miles, the place offers a panoramic view of the natural landscape. Jubbal received its independence after the Gurkha War of 1814-1816. According to records, Jubbal was founded by King Karam Chand. It was merged with the Indian Territory on the 15th of April, 1948 during the reign of King Dig Vijay Singh.

Tourist places in and around Jubbal

The slopes, surrounded by lush green apple orchards and dense deodar forests, attract numerous visitors to Jubbal. The numerous tourist attractions of the place include the famous Chandra Nahan Lake and the Jubbal Palace. The Chandra Nahan Lake, known as the originating point of the River Pabbar, offers visitors the opportunity to take up fishing.

Presenting visitors with a glimpse into the legacy of the former rulers is the Jubbal Palace, also, popular as the ‘Rana's Abode’, this palace displays Chinese architectural style.

The Hatkeshwari Temple at Jubbal is a noteworthy tourist destination. According to popular folklore, this temple was constructed by the Pandavas of the Hindu Mythology, the Mahabharata.

Experts however believe that the temple was made during the period between 800 and 1000 AD. The temple later underwent renovation by the Kings of Jubbal in the 19th century.

The festival of 'Rampur Jatar', organised in the month of July, and 'Hemis' add to the attraction of the place. The Hemis festival is celebrated in honour of the Guru Padmasambhava, an important figure in the history of Tibetan Buddhism, also known as ‘The Lion Roaring Guru’.

How to Reach Jubbal

Jubbal is well connected with the major mode of transportations, namely airways, railways and roadways.

Best Time to Visit Jubbal

Winter and spring are regarded as the best period to explore the destination owing to comfortable climatic conditions.

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