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Havelock Island – The Pulse of Andaman


Named after Henry Havelock, a British colonial time General in the region, Havelock is Andaman’s star attraction and thousands of tourists flock to this paradise on earth every year. The five main villages featuring their own unique beaches are Govinda Nagar, Radha Nagar, Bejoy Nagar, Shyam Nagar and Krishna Nagar.

Radha Nagar Beach is the best of the lot having been rated by the coveted TIME magazine as the best beach in Asia back in 2004. Havelock Island is approximately 55 km northeast of the capital city of Port Blair with around two to three departures daily from Port Blair to the island. Catamaran ferries operate from here.

Once you’re on Havelock Island, the best way to get around is on foot, exploring the various beaches, shacks and shopping places. Radha Nagar Beach features pristine white sand with emerald coloured reef and makes for a great place to spend an afternoon with some sumptuous seafood.

Elephant Beach, another tourist favourite, is walking distance from Radha Nagar Beach, and what a brilliant walk it is indeed. If walking’s not your thing, hire an auto rickshaw. Apart from rickshaws, one can opt to hire a cab or rent a two wheeler for a day.

Scuba diving is by far the most enjoyable activity on Havelock Island and the Andaman Islands are not well equipped with speed boats and a recompression chamber at Port Blair. Scuba expeditions for every appetite, beginner, intermediate and experienced are available on Havelock Island and are very reasonably priced.

It’s a great way to explore marine flora and fauna up close and personal! Apart from scuba, trekking is another famous sport at Havelock Island with many tour operators offering standardized guided treks.

Unlike other islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Island group, Havelock offers many hotels and dormitory options to suit every budget.

Done with the sun and sand and you might want to head over to Village Number 3 which is the prime market place selling various local artifacts and accessories. Don’t forget to try some authentic coconut water here. Drinks and beer are available at most of the restaurants and being a Union Territory, they’re reasonably priced.

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How to Reach Havelock Island

  • By Road
    The Andaman and Nicobar Islands cannot be accessed by road, but once you're there, the Andaman Trunk Road is a great way to get around the Andaman island. It connects all the populate townships and beaches including the main Port Blair Jetty and Veer Savarkar Airport to Phoenix Bay Jetty.
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  • By Train
    There is no railway station available in Havelock Island
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  • By Air
    Leading airlines in India operate frequent departures in the week to Port Blair's Veer Savarkar Airport from Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata. There's talk of a direct flight from Mumbai that's set to launch pretty soon. Port Blair is approximately a 2 and a half hour flight from Chennai.
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