Haflong lake, Haflong

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The Haflong Lake is located at the heart of the town and is the pride of the hill station. It is almost impossible to miss the Haflong Lake when visiting this place. This is one of the largest natural water bodies in Assam and thus is also referred to as the ‘Scotland of Assam’ for its beauty.

While visiting the Haflong Lake, tourists should not miss out on boating, one of the recreational activities on the lake. Boating on the Haflong Lake gives a panoramic view of the hill station and the adjoining mountains. Since the town is still free from pollution, while boating on the Haflong Lake, the clear skies and the never ending horizon offer a spectacular view.

The Haflong Lake is located at the centre of the hill station and tourists wanting to stay in the hill station for a few days can definitely spend a considerable amount of time in this picturesque place.

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