Indira Point, Great Nicobar

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Indira Point is the southernmost point of the Nicobar island lot located on the Great Nicobar Island. Furthermore, it’s the southernmost point of the Indian republic which is why it has sparked so much of interest among tourist, especially domestic ones. Since 1972 tourists have been flocking to Indira point, named after former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, to witness what is one of India’s most glamorous, largest lighthouses. Decorated with red and white stripes, the huge lighthouse with a helipad makes for quite a sight.

The 2004 Tsunami left it partially damaged and unserviceable, but ever since, it has been restored and continues to serve ships plying the Malaysia – Malacca – India route. It has a range of over 16 nautical miles and is one of the only lighthouses open to tourists. The view from above, as described by tourists is as breathtaking as the beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar islands itself!


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