Sahastradhara, Dehradun

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Sahastradhara is a beautiful and popular spot, located at a distance of around 11 km from Dehradun. The literal meaning of Sahastradhara is 'the thousand fold spring'. The beautiful spring is around 9 m deep. The Baldi River and the caves located in its vicinity, add to the beauty of the place, making it an ideal picnic spot.

The astounding aura of the place is enhanced multi-fold during the monsoons, when the region resonates with the vitality and energy of the gushing water torrent.

The water of this spring is said to have medicinal properties due to the presence of sulphur. People suffering from skin diseases visit this place, to take bath in the spring to treat their ailments. Apart from sulphur, the water also contains lime that has led to the formation of caves here.

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