Monuments at Vadnagar, Danta

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Vadnagar in Mehsana district is yet another interesting place that tourists can visit while in Gujarat. Present here is a Buddhist monastery and Buddhist antique objects belonging to the 2nd - 7th century AD, discovered through recently conducted excavations in the Vadnagar area. The discovered monastery included two stupa antiquities and an open court yard constructed with nine cells around. And the arrangement of these cells is such that they form a swastik pattern.

Vadnagar is presently perched on a hillock, that has artificially formed due to an array of layers of buildings constructed and destroyed during the ancient times. Some of the important places that one can visit during a stopover at Vadnagar include: Hatkeshwar Mahadev temple, Sharmista Lake, Jain temples, Tana Riri Garden and Deri, Gauri Kund, Khokha Ganapati, Nagdharo and Nag temple and Narasinh Mehta's chori to name a few.

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