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O'Land Estate,Coonoor


O'Land Estate is one of the places where you would fall in love with nature. The 140 acres of lush green estate is located close to Coonoor. It takes hardly 90 minutes from Ooty to reach here and 45 minutes from Coonoor.


A perfect combination of luxury, comfort, adventure and scenic views – that's what the estate is all about. Once you step in, you'll get completely absorbed by the surroundings and would start feeling relaxed and refreshed. The O'Land Estate is an ideal place to spend a holiday, away from city life and other worries that you face daily. 


Apart from the luxurious stay options in the estate, the property also provides with the best of organic products, making sure that the guests are given natural goods that are chemical-free, rewarding a healthy holiday.


However, there are a few rules set by the management which are to be abided by the guests. They include:


  • Littering not allowed in the estate. All the garbage should be disposed in the dustbins provided.

  • Guests not encouraged to venture out after sunsets, unless a guide accompanies them.

  • Feeding animals is prohibited here. This is for the safety of the guests.

  • Guests are expected to use electricity and water at a minimum level.

  • No lighting fires allowed, unless accompanied by a guide.

  • Guests requested to stay on the main paths, without getting deep into the estate causing trouble.

  • Though you're free to swim, it is expected that you swim only in designated areas, to avoid being in trouble.