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Acres Wild,Coonoor


Acres Wild is a cheemaking farm and farmstay that is run by a family to serve their guests with the best stay at the natural location of Coonoor and food that is totally chemical-free, making sure the guests eat healthy and feel refreshed after their stay at the farmstay.

The farm is spread across 22 acres of land and is located around 6000 ft above sea level, giving spectacular views of nature that has lush greenery and scenic beauty all around the place.

This is a farmstay, which means that it is a blend of a guesthouse, homestay and a lodge. A stay at the farmstay gives you a chance to witness farm life closer.  


A stay at the farmstay would be a unique experience for the guests as they could experience the real lifestyle of a farm here, as they enjoy themselves to the music of nature.

The common dining area is located on the middle level of the vast expanse of land. This may require walking a few minutes from the room to have a great dining experience. The farm is something to be visited during your stay in the farmhouse.

You can take cheesemaking lessons and be educated enough about the whole process. The store here also sells varieties of fresh cheese that are purely organic, thus holding the strong local flavour when compared to the processed cheese you get outside.