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Chottanikkara Weather

Chottanikkara has a pleasant mixture of dry and humid climate. This enables travelers to visit the place almost around the year except during monsoons. Winters are suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Another good season to visit the place is during August-November, a time of festivals and celebrations.


Summer heat hits Chottanikkara in the month of March, and the season is prolonged till the last quarter of May. Summer has dry weather and temperatures reach a maximum of about 37°C. This is a good time to visit the temples, but travelers are advised to carry cotton outfits.


Monsoon clouds bestow a considerably good rainfall on Chottanikkara. Showers start from the month of June and are extended till September. Heavy rains can be expected during this season. It is advised that travelers avoid the months of June and July as they can pose a hurdle to outdoor activities.


Like all other south Indian places, winter commences in Chottanikkara from the month of December. This is the coolest month of the year and serves as an ideal time for visits. Outdoor sightseeing during this pleasant climate can be a pleasurable activity.