River Rafting, Chambal Sanctuary

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The Chambal Sanctuary is best explored on boats. River safari on the Chambal river provides the perfect opportunity to view the wildlife of the region. The boatmen are particularly adept at manoeuvring the rafts as close to the animals and birds as it is possible. Trained naturalists along the trip provide interesting information about the varied flora and fauna of the sanctuary.

The rafts cruise along the river passing by ravines giving way to rolling hills. Along the route, you can see reptiles basking in the sunshine along the banks or dolphins, usually in pairs, frolicking in the river.

The pristine surroundings are dotted with small white washed shrines clinging atop the ravines. You can see the goats chewing away every blade of grass that the ravine seems to produce. You will also notice the watermarks along the highest ravines – these indicate the power and force of the river during the monsoons.


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