Birding, Chambal Sanctuary

Although better known for the gharials, Gangetic dolphins and alligators, the Chambal sanctuary is also an emerging birding destination. The river Chambal originates from the Central Vindhya Mountains and meanders its way through the Kota district of Rajasthan, Morena and Bhind districts of Madhya Pradesh, and Agra and Etawah districts of Uttar Pradesh, finally making its way to river Yamuna

Chambal sanctuary is listed as an important bird area. With more than 330 species of resident and migratory birds to its credit, the sanctuary is fast gaining reputation as the destination of choice for birding in India.

Autumn and winter months are the best time for some excellent bird watching. During these months, apart from the resident birds you can also see the altitudinal migrants from the higher Himalayas and Palaearctic region. The sanctuary is the destination of choice to see the Indian Skimmer and other birds such as white-rumped vulture, the Indian vulture and the greater spotted eagle.

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