Bhagsunag Temple, Bhagsu

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Bhagsunag Temple, a prominent religious centre, is situated at an altitude of 1770 m above sea level. Devoted to Hindu Lord Shiva, the temple depicts the art and culture of the medieval period. This ancient temple is considered sacred by the Hindu and the Gorkha communities.

There are beautiful pools within the premises of the temple. Travellers can see several tiger-head water spouts in the pools. Local people believe that the water of these pools has healing property. In addition, the idols enshrined in the temple are believed to possess incredible powers. There is a double storey rest house within the premises where pilgrims visiting the temple can stay.According to a legend, this temple was built by King Bhagsu. As per folklore, King Bhagsu and the Snake God, also known as the Nag Devta, fought a battle because the king stole the water from the Nag Dal Lake. Later, King Bhagsu built this temple to seek forgiveness from the Nag Devta.

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