Nakoda Temple, Barmer

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Nakoda Temple, also called as Parshvanath Temple, is among the main centres of Jain pilgrimage in India. The temple has a figure of the Jain saint Parshvanath made of black stone. The shrine which is located at a height of 1500 feet on the Jodhpur-Barmer road, is believed to have been built some  by two brothers Nakorsen and Veersen during the third centuary.

The idol was installed by His Holiness Jain Acharya Sthulibhadrasuri. However during the invasion of Alamshah in 1224 AD, the Jain Sangha kept the idol in hiding in Kalidarh which, was re-installed in 1373 AD as the main deity. It is believed that the Parsvanatha Jain temple orginally was a temple dedicated to Mahavira. There are also Jain temples dedicated to Rishabhadeva and Shantinath here.


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