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Tiger Cave, Mahabalipuram

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The Tiger Cave refer to a Hindu Temple which is a rock-cut complex. It is situated in Mahabalipuram at a place called Saluvankuppam. The sculpturing of Tiger heads on the entrance of a cave constituting the complex are what the monument gets its name from. Believed to have been constructed by the Pallavas in the 8th century AD, it serves as a very popular picnic spot and tourist attraction. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is in charge of maintenance of the Temple Complex.

Mahabalipuram photos, Tiger Cave - A Closer View
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In the year 2005, an inscription on an outcrop in the complex was the main cause for an excavation to be carried out nearby, which in turn led to the discovery of a Sangam period Subrahamanya Temple in the immediate vicinity.

The beach is accessible from the Tiger Cave premises. A car parking fee of Rs. 10 is the only expense that one needs to incur for entry into this splendid monument.

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