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Ghat Shila Temple, Tuljapur

The Ghat Shila Temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. An ancient rock temple located in the city of Tuljapur, this Temple has an interesting mythological adage behind it.

It is believed that Lord Rama passed through these rocks (Shila) along with his brother Lakshman, in the mountains (Ghats) to search for Goddess Sita – his wife. It is believed that he was directed by Goddess Tulja Bhawani towards Lanka, the place where Sita was abducted to.

This is how the temple came to get the name of Ghat Shila Mandir. This temple regularly sees worshippers thronging the vicinity to offer their prayers and seek blessings from Lord Rama. The pilgrims love the natural and placid setting this place of worship is set in.

Ghat Shila Temple Photos

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