Unique Travel Ideas

Unexplored Forts In India That Can Serve As Film Shooting Locations

10 Unexplored Forts In India That Can Serve As Film Shooting Locations

India has such impressive architectures that even Hollywood can't resist shooting here! This country boasts of heritages that can compete with any architecture around the world. So, why can't they serve as fantastic movie shooting locations? Yes, not only the famous ...
Best Places To Visit In Mizoram

9 Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

The beauty of North-east India is unique and one has to visit this part of the country at least once in their lifetime. Enticing hills, dense forests, tribal cultures, diverse vegetation and wildlife are all worth your time. Mizoram is one ...
Karjat Tourism Once The Location Of Big Boss

Exploring the Former Big Boss Location, Trekking & More in Karjat Tourism

At times we all need that one magical door to escape the monotony of life. Probably, that is why long drives are favoured by many. Don't have to plan or think, just drive off to the outskirts of the city where ...
Panchapandava Cave Temple In Mahabalipuram

Back to Those Times: Panchapandava Cave Temple in Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is known for its architectural heritage. It is indeed a wonder to see such intricate sculptures and rock-cut structures in this coastal town. Among several monuments, the Panchapandava Cave Temple in Mahabalipuram has stood the test of times. The Panchapandava ...
Offbeat Attractions Chennai

Offbeat attractions in Chennai!

Chennai is one of the major tourist destinations in South India and one of the best to explore in Tamil Nadu. The place has many ancient and historical tourist attractions, as well and modern ones that cater to the youth and ...
Places Visit India Before You Hit

5 Places to Visit in India Before You Hit 40

Youth is when you can travel and explore any place you want, with the benefit of health and age on your side. India is a country where you have numerous options to travel during any phase of your life. Thus, when ...
Lakes Of North India

Best of 2016: 9 Charming Lakes of North India

Who doesn't love to sit on a water bed and soak into the beauty of nature? Be it in the cities or far on the mountains, lakes are an astonishing attraction to all. While the city lakes provide a breathing space, ...
Romantic Places In Kerala

6 Romantic Places in Kerala That Are Just Magical

Kerala is one of the most mesmerising lands in India. It looks as if God has taken so much time to create this wonderful place. Yes, that is why Kerala is known as 'God's Own Country'. It provides one of the ...
Christmas New Year 2017 Offers

Christmas Travel Specials! Makemytrip Introduces 100% Money Back 'If You Cancel Your Flight Ticket'

The long awaited trouble of flight cancellation charges has been taken care of by MMT, This Christmas travel anywhere you want and If you want to cancel your ticket 'No worries' get 100% money back. (Click to avail the offer + ...
Facts About The Himalayas In India

12 Interesting Facts about the Himalayas in India Which Are Unbelievable

It is a natural barrier, it is a geological wonder and it is a pride of Asia! Yes, the gigantic Himalayas is world renowned. Hima means frost and alaya means abode; it is called as 'abode of snow' as upper portions ...
Tips For Travelling To Bangalore

Ready for the Bangalore Days?! Here are some tips to remember while travelling through Bangalore

Bangalore is a tapestry of colours. The city has everything in it for its denizens and travellers. It is an irony that 'The silicon valley of India' has a sobriquet as 'The Garden city of India'. Lush green parks, picturesque lakes, ...
Gravity Hills In India

Not Just One, There are 3 Gravity Hills in India!

Won't you feel happy to open a box full of gifts? Yes, just imagine that the Earth is also a gift box which is brimming with wonderful things. Magnetic Hills or Gravity Hills is one among such marvels which defy the ...

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