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Kadathanadan Kalari Centre, located in Kumily, is an organization for the lovers and practitioners of the centuries old martial art named Kalari. It was started as part of renewing people’s interest in this art for which Kerala is much famed. Characterized by swift movements and physical flexibility, Kalari (known also as Kalarippayattu) has a grand history that is woven into the cultural and martial history of Kerala.

At Kadathanadan Kalari Centre visitors can watch Kalari from the gallery built for spectators. Visitors can also get information on this traditional system which includes both physical training and self defense techniques. Kalari is performed daily from 6 PM to 7 PM and this show that exhibits supple physical movements as well as dexterity is sure to leave the spectators spellbound.

Kadathanadan Kalari Centre offers different levels of trainings to those who are interested in this ancient martial system. Mastery of body movements as well as physical balance is taught at the basic level while the training gets tougher in the intermediate level. Training in the usage of weapons such as sword, spear and spring sword (known as urumi) are offered only in the advanced levels.


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