Bamboo Rafting, Thekkady

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Bamboo Rafting makes Thekkedy a standout from other tourist destinations. This is a special tour program that takes travelers on a trek tour on a raft made of bamboos. Rafting, which was once the only means of transportation in the dense forests separated by rivers, has turned into an extremely popular outdoor adventure activity today. The program includes wildlife watching, trekking and traveling on the raft.

Travelers are allowed to raft only in teams and generally one rafting team comprises up to ten travelers and five tour guides. There will be one armed guard in every team to ensure safety since the tour is conducted in areas that are exposed to wild animals. Travelers get to enjoy the vista of the lush green surroundings, pristine beauty of the lake, spectacular sight of animals and adventure of trekking through dense forests. The program’s duration is a day, starting from 8 AM and lasting till 5 PM. The tour program is inclusive of food and snacks.


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