Dombeware, South Garo Hills

Dombeware is located at a short distance of 3 kilometres from Eman Asakgre, a small village with a scanty population of 113.

Dombeware is a serene lake on a hilltop and that is believed to be shrouded with mystery. The popular legend says that the lake came into existence when a merman in love with a beautiful married woman, saved her from the clutches of her arrogant and boastful husband and eloped with her. It is believed by the locals that the lover of the merman is still alive and dwells in the underground water works.

Getting to Dombeware is not an easy task as the place is situated in a remote area with no motorable roads. It is almost a four-hour walk to the Eman Asakgre village and from there on another hour and a half to Dombeware. However, all this trekking is worth the effort as Dombeware entices you in its enchanting beauty the moment behold it.

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