Sangama - A Spot Where Rivers Meet

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Sangama is a scenic spot located around 92 kilometers from Bangalore. The place represents the point where the Arkavati River merges with the Kaveri.

The journey from Bangalore takes around two hours and one of the highlights of a trip to Sangama is definitely the ride from Bangalore. There are some unexpected twists and turns on the road that make the trip rather interesting and also a fabulous view of the rivers can be enjoyed. The waters of the rivers at the Sangama are rather shallow, giving you a chance to wade in and take a dip.

And So Much to Do - Tourist Places in Sangama

A trip to Sangama would also include activities like trekking, swimming and fishing at the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. Yet another place to include in your itinery is Mekedatu, which is just four kilometers away from Sangama. At Mekedatu, the Kaveri flows through a deep gorge. The name Mekedatu has evolved from Meke which means goat. The place got the name Mekedatu because local myth has it that a goat, which was being chased by a tiger, jumped across the gorge to escape. The goat got away and the locals believe that it had divine powers that helped it cross the gorge.

The Mekedetu is best visited in the post-monsoon season when the river is in full fury. The only option to reach the place is via road and there are a number of buses from Bangalore to Kanakapura, the nearest town.

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