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Raigarh fort is not to be mistaken with Raigad, which is a district in Maharashtra.

Battling it out with the Mugals in the 17th Century, Shivaji, the Maratha warrior and his army built a fort. This fort was strategically built, impermeable from 3 sides owing to cliffs and terrain and guarded on the fourth. Owing to Shivaji’s strategy, the fort was accessible to allies via a single walkway, which made it perpetually inaccessible to foes. This fort still stands today in what used to be the capital of the Marathas, Raigarh.

Tourist places in and around Raigarh fort

Raigarh is around 174 kilometres south of Mumbai city. The origins of the fort can be traced back to the year 1030, and it is believed to have been built by the Mores. The remains of the fort today are fairly discernable with the queen’s quarters comprising of 6 chambers intact with attached restrooms. Some watch towers still stand intact along with the execution chamber where prisoners were put to death by hanging. Originally, the fort had close to 1500 stairs leading up to it, although today, tourists may use the ropeway to get to the top, which is over 2700 feet high. A statue of the warrior Shivaji still stands tall which leads to a temple and his throne room.

This fort was fed by the Ganga Sagar Lake, still in pristine condition and tourists with a flair for photography can assure themselves of a time of their life. Maharashtra is full of ancient forts and remains from the Maratha’s reign, but possible none better preserved than the Raigarh fort.

Best time to visit Raigarh Fort

Winter is the best time to visit Raigarh Fort.

How to reach Raigarh Fort

Raigarh is best accessed to by road.

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