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Prachi Valley is located around 61 km from Bhubaneswar. Tourism in Prachi Valley is popular among the people who take keen interest in archeology and history owing to its rich archeological sites. It is situated on the bank of the River Prachi which is a tertiary river of River Mahanadi. Several monuments belonging to the 7th Century AD to the 15th Century AD can be found here.

Chahata is one of the most scenic places in Prachi valley which lies in the confluence of the rivers Prachi and Lalitha. According to legends, Lord Vishnu asked Ganga to take a dip here in the confluence of the rivers. One can locate a Vishnu image installed in this place known as Lalita Madhava.

Tourist places in and around Prachi Valley

Prachi Valley is home to many ancient temples which has strong connections with the great epics: Ramayana and Mahabharata. Temple enshrining Lord Shiva in Amreshvara has a strong link with Ramayana. Apart from this, temples of ancient significance like Sobhaneswara Temple, Pidh Temple, Chamuda Devi Temple and Grameswara Temple are present close to each other.

The confluence of three rivers Prachi, Saraswati along with Manikarnika, commonly known as ‘Manikarnika Tirth’ is present in the close vicinity of these temples. Thousands of pilgrims come to this place to take a holy dip in the sacred water of Manikarnika Tirth during moonless night or ‘Amavasya’. Different temples dedicated to various deities indicate the prevalence diverse culture over here which adds up to the influx in the Prachi Valley tourism.

Best time to visit Prachi Valley

Winter is the best season to travel to Prachi Valley

How to reach Prachi Valley

Prachi Valley can be reached boarding a train or flight to Bhubaneswar and then taking a taxi or bus to this place. Tourism in Prachi Valley is at its best during winter because the climate remains very cool and comfortable.

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