Padma Prabhu Temple, Prabhas Giri

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The town of Prabhas Giri is deeply associated with Bhagwan Padma Prabhu, the sixth Jain Tirthankar. The temple is dedicated to him and has a beautiful statue of the tirthankar sitting in lotus posture. The lotus posture signifies meditative state.

The temple comprises 85 feet high milky white marble shikhar and 11 artistic vedis. The main attraction, however, is the massive idol of 1008 Bhagwan Padmaprabhu, towering towards the sky.

The temple exhibits a strong sense of spirituality, and it is little wonder that the visitors experience a deep sense of peace and well being within the premises.

If you are visiting Padma Prabhu Temple, you may also wish to see the nearby Sheetla Mata Temple in Kara and Kamasin Devi temple in Manjhanpur.

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