Palamau Tiger Reserve, Palamu

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The Palamau Tiger Reserve is the only tiger reserve in the state of Jharkhand. It also is known as one of the original nine tiger reserves of India. The reserve spreads across a large expanse of 1,014 sq. km. The core area is just 414 sq. km and the buffer area comes around 600 sq. km.

The area also has a few forest villages such as Ramandag, Latoo and Kujurum. The area was set up as a tiger reserve in the year 1973. However, the number of tigers is scarce here. In 2012, the only tigers found in the reserve were a male tiger and five tigresses.

Palamau Tiger Reserve was declared a Reserved Forest under the India Forest Act in the year 1947, years before it was declared a tiger reserve. Apart from the tigers, you can find other animals like elephant, leopard, gaur, sambar and wild dogs.

The forest also has beautiful waterfalls, hill slopes, deciduous grasslands, etc for an adventurous traveller to explore. Some of the important hills in the area inclue that of Murhu, Huluk, Gulgul and Netarhat.

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