Nurpur Fort, Nurpur

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Nurpur Fort is the prominent attraction of Nurpur, which was built in the 10th century. The fort was built by the Pathania clan, who were the rulers of the place during that time. The fort offers the mesmerizing view of the Jabhar Khud, which is the tributary of a small river called Chakki.

Visitors will also be pleased by seeing the traces of paintings on the fort walls. The north-west side of the fort wall has animal carvings, which are quite interesting to see. Along with this, visitors can also find figures of men, women, children, kings, gods, goddesses and birds.Inside the fort, visitors can find Brij Maharaj temple, which is dedicated to Hindu Lord Krishna. The stunning black stone idol of the lord was brought from Rajasthan, during the reign of Raja Jagat Singh. At present the fort is in ruined state because of the massive earthquake that hit the region in April 1905 AD. Moreover, British also played a part in destroying some portions of the fort but visitors can still see the remaining portions of the fortress, which is worth a visit.

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