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Green and picturesque, Nersa offers you the chance to have a truly offbeat holiday. This little village, located on the border of Karnataka and Goa, is in the verdant Mahadai Valley, which is considered to be one of the richest biodiversity spots in the world. Nersa is a paradise for bird watchers and wild-life enthusiasts and a stay here can give visitors a chance to experience the joys of living in a small village.

Tourist Places In Nersa

Nersa represents nature at her scenic best. The green hills and the lush forests of the Western Ghats are ideal for trekking, bird watching and animal spotting. A holiday at Nersa can include a visit to nearby locations like Bhimgarh, Kongla, Abnali and Jamgoan. Some of these locations are rather inaccessible and the only option is to walk. The tough trek should appeal to those who love the great outdoors and sightings of hundreds of birds, butterflies and local fauna, which make it truly worthwhile.

One of the unforgettable sights of Nersa are the bats of Talevadi. There are more than 40 species of bats spotted here. The Barapedi cave in the Londa Forest is home to more than 200 bats.

How To Reach Nersa

The nearest railhead is at Khanapur. The village is around 500 kilometers from the Bangalore international airport. You can also take one of the overnight luxury buses that run from Bangalore to Nersa.

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