Morjim - Home Of Goan Folk Dance

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The Arabian Sea arguably looks the best at Morjim, a beautiful stretch of the Goan coastline in the north. A plentiful catch of seafood and coconuts are a key offering of this beach more so because of its proximity to Charpora river.

Morjim Beach boasts of some amazing views and is a loner's paradise offering a calm afternoon or evening experience. So whether it’s to read, ponder or surf the Internet out in the open, Morjim is the place to be.

Morjim is interestingly the home of the popular Goan folk dance Ghoddemondi and coconut jaggery. Apart from these it is also home to an array of Goan customs and traditions which will definitely be of interest to the curious traveller. Morjim is best accessed with a hired bike. Cabs may refuse a fare to Morjim and if you’re lucky enough to convince a cabbie to go, you might just get overcharged.

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