Charang Temple, Kinnaur

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Charang Temple, also known as the Rangrik Tungma Complex is situated in Charang in the district of Kinnaur. This eleventh century temple is dedicated to Rangrik Tungma, who is supposedly a pre-Buddhist deity.

A tiny metal statue of the deity, riding a horse is situated inside the temple. Apart from this, travellers can also find an idol of Maitreya and Buddha in the temple complex. The most interesting feature of the temple is the clay idols.

Travellers can also spot ancient hoard of ivory, daggers and bone handled knives along with several wall paintings.It is believed that while a gang of robbers tried to raid the temple, the idols of protecting deities positioned at the entrance of the temple made noise similar to the galloping horses. This noise scared the robbers and saved the temple from being plundered.

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