Chango Temple, Kinnaur

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Chango Temple, located in the village of Chango in Kinnaur District, attracts a large number of tourists from all over. The village is known for its splendid landscape, beautiful temples and juiciest apples.

Most of the natives of this village follow Buddhism while some practice Hinduism. Some of the Hindu deities of the region include Gyalbo, Yalsa, and Dabla. There are mainly three temples in this village, and one of them is situated in the lower Chango.

The red colour walls of this temple can be seen from a distance. There is also a village temple, which has beautiful wall paintings, clay idols, and a large prayer wheel. In the path between these two temples, one can also see a huge stone carved image of Avalokiteshwara, a Buddhist enlightenment being.

Another temple is located in the upper Chango and is considered as the most beautiful of them all. Travellers can also see a prayer hall, guest rooms and library, situated in proximity to the temple.

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