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Khammam Fort, Khammam


Khammam Fort was built during 950 AD when the region was under the control of Kakatiya kings. However, the fort could not be completed during their time, and the Musunuri Nayaks and the Velama Kings took it upon themselves to complete the construction of the Fort. In 1531, during the rule of the Qutb Shahis the fort was further developed and many new buildings and rooms were added into the fort.

The fort is a fine example of both Hindu and Muslim architecture since it drew influences from both styles and rulers of both the religions were involved in its construction. Today, the fort stands proud after having completed more than 1000 years of its existence.

It is a major tourist spot and holds the place of pride in the history of Khammam as well as Andhra Pradesh. The state government has put in a lot of effort and money to develop the fort from the point of view of tourism.

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