Mool Sagar, Jaisalmer

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Mool Sagar is a popular tourist attraction located at a distance of 8 km from Jaisalmer. It lies on the road leading to the Sam Sand Dunes. Mool Sagar has a beautiful garden along with a tank and was built as a summer retreat for the royal families of Jaisalmer. Tourists can see a Shiva temple inside the garden. This shrine was built by using two large sandstone blocks. Maharawal Moolraj II constructed the Mool Sagar complex in the year 1815.

Travellers can also see several wells, a Raj Mahal, and three Jain temples dedicated to all the Jain Tirthankaras inside the garden. The palace is decorated with various painting and attractive murals. Visitors can reach Mool Sagar by hiring an auto rickshaw from the Jaisalmer City.


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