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Hotel Bhaj Govindam,Haridwar

Hotel Bhaj Govindam Ganga Kinare, Bhimgoda, Haridwar Uttarakhand, India , Haridwar

Bhajgovindam resort is situated on the banks of Holy river Ganga. You can sit and enjoy the real fresh air and view the holy river flowing by your side. The hut is surrounded by a beautiful garden, lawn and of course, the holy river. You can enjoy this unique and divine experience only by staying at this resort. The feel cannot be matched by anything but stay at Bhajgovindam. It is only less than half a km from Hari- ki- pauri and two km from bus and railway station.


Pure vegetarian food is served at the Bhajgovindam resort. Food is prepared using methods which are healthy for the body. North Indian and South Indian delicacies are available in the restaurant. You can enjoy your food in the lawn while you watch the Ganges flow by your side. The resort provides special facilities for conducting yoga sessions. Special yoga discussions are also arranged upon the request of the guests.  

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