Kirtigiridurga Fort, Deogarh

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The fort was built in 1057 by the Chandela ruler Kirtivarman. However, there are those who believe that it was built much earlier in the 9th century by the Pratihara rulers of Kannauj and later came under the control of the Chandelas. It was finally taken over by the Scindia family of Gwalior. The fort has an external wall except in the stretches where the hills slope towards the Betwa River. It has two entry gates, the ‘hathi (elephant) darwaza’ and the ‘Delhi darwaza.’ Within and outside the fort, there are several ancient Jain temples dating to the early and medieval period of India’s history.

Three major ghats, Nahar Ghat, the Rajghat and the Ghat, along with the Siddhi ki Gufa (The caves of the saints) provide an approach to the Betwa River.

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