Remuna, Chandipur

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Remuna is a place for pilgrimage for all the local residents of Baleswar district. It is situated 20 km away from Chandipur. Here, the highly esteemed Lord Gopinath resides in a temple called Kheerchora Gopinath Temple.

The temple is a century old and is believed to be visited by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu along with his mentor Madhabendra Puri. A specially prepared delicacy known as Kheer is offered to the Lord and is sold as prasadam by the Temple committee. Janmashtami and Chandan Purnima are celebrated in Remuna.

Anyone visiting Remuna should not forget to purchase the applique works and utensils made of brass and bronze which are a specialty of this place. Several other temples and Mathas are also situated in the nearby places. The Ramachandi Temple, Gargeswar Temple, Madhabendra Matha and Gaudiya Matha are among the others.

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