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Akash Singh
Content Writer
An explorer and an avid traveller, who believes that a journey is the best way to live an euphoric life. A history lover, who loves scrutinising the ancient beauty of any place. A movie lover, who thinks filming is the best way possible to eternalize anything and a seasonal poet and writer.
Vi Dev
Author's bio is brought to you by the letter W: Vi Dev is a writer, wandering soul, wordless and willful, who just so happens to be a big fan of everything created by Women=God. Born in a well-wired world, he has spent most of the 21st century in Bangalore; stuck in traffic! Even though he believes in silence, he never passes up the opportunity to converse about the intricate details of everything and anything that is frowned upon in this wise modern capitalist free world.
Manoj Menon
Tr. Content Executive
Manoj Menon is Tr. Content Executive in our Nativeplanet section
Siji Ram
Content Executive
A born dreamer, a developed foodie and a living writer!
Diya Chakraborty
Content Writer
Lost amidst daydreams, stardust, wondering and wandering. A writer in an endless love affair with mountains, sunflowers, messy hair and all things colourful.
Yogini Patil
Assistant Editor
A dreamer, a storyteller and a wanderer who learns meaningful things while on the go. Perpetually in search of good food, books and next destination to travel. Crazy for mountains, Disney movies and all things pawsome.
Shruthi S U
Content Executive
Shruthi S U is Content Executive in our Nativeplanet section
Akshatha Vinayak
Content Writer
An enthusiastic soul with a dream to travel!
Rupkamal Sarma
Content Manager
Rupkamal Sarma is Content Manager in our Nativeplanet section.
Prashant Mp
Tr. Content Executive
Prashant is Tr. Content Executive in our Nativeplanet section
Chandana Rao
Content Writer
Chandana Rao is Content Writer in our Boldsky section.
Sr. Feature Writer
Samhati is a simple girl who dreams big and would love to have a life out of the ordinary for a change. She is a passionate reader, writer, dancer and a lover of all things happy and creative. She is extremely fond of travelling and exploring new places.
Content Writer
Content Writer by profession; a vivid traveller and yeah a professional Dreamer!!
Brunda Nagaraj
Senior Assistant Editor
A vivid traveller with a touch of creative insanity!
Srushti K
Content Writer
A happy-go-lucky person who is perpetually on the hunt for good music. Always up for a conversation about the myriads of life's mysteries.
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